Opua Marina, NZ !

Richard and Rachel Caswell
Sun 8 Nov 2009 14:57
35:19S, 174:07E
We arrived in on Friday lunchtime, and were processed by customs and MAF -
so all legal except we can't leave the marina until we sort out importing
the boat, so will start that on Monday ! They only give us 20 days to pay it ! What sharks !
Haven't made it to Paihia yet to get a phone working here, but did buy a
prepay phone card. We have numerous phones but need to hook into a
network...shouldn't be a problem.....
We went for a walk around the waterfront this morning, and saw piles of
oysters and scallop shells that people had dumped back into the sea, so
harvesting some good food would be a real bonus....yum!

Needs to warm up here too - feels like winter still blasting that cold wind
thru' here, not nice for us tropical thinblooded types at all,  so at this
stage we're looking at staying round here for a while - do some tiki-touring
round as we don't know this area at all. There's a few cruising parties
coming up soon too, which sound quite fun to do.
 A big gidday to all.
Hear from you soon, Rachel & R.