Hallucinations set in - Day 77

JJ Rowers
Jamie Facer-Childs and James Thysse
Sun 5 Jul 2009 19:31

Hallucinations set in – Day 77

Imagine seeing the “1000 miles to go” mark floating on the horizon before your eyes – only to see it disappear again, just like a mirage in the desert. Well that is what has been the experience for Southern Cross these last 6 days. Perhaps it is not as frustrating as the Ocean Angels who thought they caught sight of Mauritius this week who must, no doubt be questioning whether the little island really exists – but nevertheless another difficult time making so little progress. At least Southern Cross were able to share their frustration by contacting the Flying Ferkins! Now you might be imagining two boats a few miles apart would do so by rowing up alongside each other but the chosen method was a satellite phone call. I think it provided a boost for both teams since they were able to share in the frustrations and give each other words of support – even if they are pitting their sinews against each other to the end!!

In Jamie's (semi-) regular Saturday call they seemed as stoic as ever but I did detect the beginnings of another hallucination as Jamie talked about the idea of standing up and going for a long, long run. We need to remember just how small the cabin is (little more than 7 foot long and 3 foot high so lying down is the only position) and, with the bad weather and so much time being spent on the para-anchor inside the cabin it is hardly surprising that certain dreams of freedom are taking hold. However, I am not yet worried for their mental health – their ability to still laugh is a wonderful sign of how well they are taking this adventure.

Can't wait for the reunion – roll on Mauritius and roll on the easterly waves and winds.


5th July – Day 78