Meeting at Sea 13th June

JJ Rowers
Jamie Facer-Childs and James Thysse
Tue 16 Jun 2009 06:22
Saturday 13 June - Meeting at Sea
James phoned to say hi and was a little incomprehensible at first until he explained that he was eating a biscuit.  Not just any biscuit apparently but part of the new improved J&J plan to make their limited food supplies last the distance!!  The boys were very excited as they had made their first VHF radio contact with a motorboat to the south of them, I think I caught the name as "Sun Princess" (somewhat unintelligible due to the biscuit eating).  When they identified themselves as ocean rowing boat Southern Cross they were amazed to find that the crew and passengers on board the motorboat knew exactly who they were, what they were doing and apparently had been following their progress (and that of the race) with keen interest on the Internet.  Who says the Indian is a big ocean?
As if contact with other human beings was not enough to make it a good day turns out rowing conditions haven't been bad either.  J&J report the waves as being on the large size but very regular and well spaced so they are racing down the right side of the waves and moving at a good pace at present.  They are really chuffed to have sneaked the pairs lead back from Guy & Andy (Flying Ferkins) but know it's only by a few miles and also that this is the most fickle ocean in the world.  Last, but not least, they have been followed for some time now by a 1.5m blue and yellow fish (not a shark!!) who they have not yet named but are hoping someone can identify.
As always the pair seem completely upbeat (especially so today) and unable to even contemplate not completing this venture.  They do seem to be having one of the more eventful crossings, we as their supporters wish them many more days like this.