Diddling around in the Indian Ocean - Day 89

JJ Rowers
Jamie Facer-Childs and James Thysse
Thu 16 Jul 2009 21:00

Diddling around in the Indian Ocean

What do you write when you are running out of things to say – when you've done the rowing (upside down as well as the right way up); when you have experienced exhilaration and progress followed by setbacks and frustration; when you have tasted the sweet thought of arriving at your destination and then realised there is still a lot of sea and weather between you and it. After another period of “diddling about in the Indian Ocean” the boys are once again eating into the remaining miles but they are on reduced rations in the full knowledge that they could have yet another period of no progress. I wonder how that works – when I water down the petrol in my car it doesn't seem to like it – and grinds to a halt. Thank goodness these boys are not so mechanical and so I hope that the energy that goes in at one end will still propel them in the right direction. I hope that my simple knowledge of the energy equation where 1+1=2 is upset by that irrepressible human factor – the spirit (where 1+1=3). We cannot live by bread alone .... but we do need enough of it.

I have always loved the wind – but never realised how important the news that it was coming from the east mattered to people out on the ocean. I now listen to the shipping forecast (Fisher, German Bight, Cromarty, Malin Head etc.) with new ears and a real heart.

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