On the Move - week 8 update

JJ Rowers
Jamie Facer-Childs and James Thysse
Sat 13 Jun 2009 21:54
Week 8 update – On the Move
I think there is a sudden sense of relief and excitement as they begin to clock up some miles again.  As Jamie’s cheery voice said this morning – “yippee, the race is back on.”  I think this shows how hard it has been during the periods of so little progress but also how quickly they bounce back to feeling positive and excited – the word indomitable comes to mind.
JJ wanted to make contact with Simon and to say how sad they were about him having to retire.  I think all the rowers feel a great pang of sadness and regret combined with support and admiration for Simon after so much gruelling effort and bad luck.  JJ’s comments for Simon – “great bloke; remarkable effort; tough decision; hope to see you in Mauritius.”
They also keep their eyes on the Flying Ferkins and had a message – “Hey you Flying Ferkins, you must be just out of sight over the horizon; don’t hide; would be good to pull over and have a beer; but maybe no time for a beer (or is it there is no beer to pull over for?)”  JJ want you to know they are glad you are surviving the weather too and are hoping for an exciting photo finish.
All essential equipment is working; all luxuries are not – at least this is the right way round.  It’s now a question of row, row, row the boat and hope, hope, hope for the weather.  Fortunately we have Father Michael of Cookham Church pulling a few strings with the top man/woman in the weather department and I am sure he is doing it for all the rowers, not just Southern Cross – we don’t want any accusations of unfair advantage.
And now I remember that they are not even half-way ….. but that is coming soon.