Never give up (even on 2800 calories per day) - Day 92

JJ Rowers
Jamie Facer-Childs and James Thysse
Sun 19 Jul 2009 12:45

Never give up (even on 2800 calories per day) – Day 92

Only 611 nautical miles left (this sounds better than 700 land miles)!  It now looks “do-able” – so much so that we have all booked our flights so that we can welcome them to dry land; to the land of comfy beds that don’t move; to the land where 3 meals a day can be savoured and “energy input” should equal “energy output”.  I now have another fear to add to the list – that they will be more interested in the chocolate we have promised them on arrival than in their friends and family!!  I will need to keep reminding myself that, having cut rations from 5000 to 3500 and now a further cut to 2800, this may be an acceptable physiological response. 

To explain a little more about the food regime, their meals had been cut to 5 per day (i.e. 5 delicious bags of dried food).  Now the 5th bag is put aside each day – apparently this has become a ritual of long lingering with their eyes as they examine this beautiful object and then, with one swift movement, it is added to their “extras” pile.  A surprise homecoming present will have to be a meal bag which has been framed so that they can hang it on their walls.  I am impressed with this excellent training whereby they are learning to manage needs, urges and immediacies – things which are increasingly difficult for a generation brought up in our “24/7; have it all now; instant gratification society.”  I am sure that adding the word “disciplined” to their CV’s will be fully justified.

So we now have an eta (expected time of arrival) which is around the beginning of August.  Since flights have become increasingly full we have had to trust that the weather will not play any more big tricks on them – something we know is unpredictable but the danger of full flights and not being there was getting too worrying.  If they do get held up again, and if all the families have had flown home again .... no, that will not happen because JJ are under strict instructions not to diddle around anymore!!

In the meantime you can hear another audio blog between Sonia at the Maidenhead Advertiser and Jamie having just come off his rowing shift.  Click on the link below.

If you listen and then judge whether you think they will make it.