Messina Straights and Aeolian Triangles

Antilochus Ltd/Jess Dawkes
Mon 3 Aug 2015 16:48
38.23.74N 015.34.65E

17 38 UT

COG 311
SOG 7.3

So the wind did finally fill in a bit, and we managed to sail at better speeds for a large chunk of the early hours until midday today. We then reached the Messina Straights, where the wind swirled around from all directions, as little as 1 knot and as much as 45 ( on the nose!).
so we motored our way through there, just to be safe!
Now on the way to out next waypoint which is between Panarea and Stromboli. Stromboli is a volcano in a continuous state of activity. It releases pressure roughly every 15mins. (safely!!) We should be there in the 4 hours, so hopefully some nice night time eruptions.
This area is apparantly fondly nicknamed the Aeolian Triangle, as strange things are stated to happen here, just like Bermuda!
So far, it all seems a bit benign..not much wind, and flat seas. But we shall keep our fingers crossed anyway!
All is well...