Sardinia Bound

Antilochus Ltd/Jess Dawkes
Sat 1 Aug 2015 15:41
38.14.59N 021.19.72E

16 32 UT

Daily run 70 nm
SOG 6.8 knots
COG 217

So, its been a wondeful month in Greece, with many adventures.
But now it is time to head to Sardinia, for some new ones!
Dropped off the final guests yesterday, and left through the Corinth Canal at 0600 LT today. And at 1630 LT we passed back under the Rion Bridge. We've had some lovely sailing today, from all wind directions, and with all strengths!
Currently sailing close hauled, with half main sail and full head sail. Though Im sure shortly this will all change again!
Set to be arriving into open Aegean Sea in the early hours of tomorrow.
So until then...