Bridges and Canals

Antilochus Ltd/Jess Dawkes
Thu 25 Jun 2015 17:46
38.15.33 N 022.15.85 E
25th June 2015
18 40 UT

356 nm
SOG 8.2
COG 113 (T)

Another exciting day. The wind filled back in, and we sailed through the night. At 04 50 UT we sighted our first glimpse of land!
As we neared land, and headed through the gaps in the islands, we became be-calmed and had to motor once more.
But this opportunity was seized, and the boat has been thoroughly polished!
We've since passed under the Rion-Antirrio Bridge, and are sailing once again.

Next stage is the Corinth Canal, which we should reach at 22 45 UT tonight, so keep your fingers crossed for a quick transit!
As that means, we will reach our marina in the morning.

All is well.