The bar's open

Colin Laidlaw
Thu 5 Jul 2012 20:04

42:07.220N 008:50.634W

Arrived in Bayona just after 5 this evening, so our earlier prediction wasn't so far off. The trip overall was a little rough, as we are fighting against both wind and tide, and as we progress slowly northwards it is getting cold. Its great having Keith on board as it means we get more sleep through the night. We're really looking forward to sampling his speciality of corned beef curry which is legendary. So far we've been existing on ships biscuits.
Bayona seems to be a lovely little place, full of history, narrow cobbled streets, old buildings and plenty of bars and restaurants. We've also just seen the biggest cream cakes in the world. If we loose a pillow we could use one of these. I think we may have to get some to follow the beef curry for a meal to remember.
We'll be here tomorrow, then weather permitting will make our way up to cap finisterre, where we'll anchor before rounding the cape and heading for La Coruna on sunday.