Blood on the carpet

Colin Laidlaw
Mon 25 Jun 2012 20:42

So today was our last day in Madeira, as having checked the weather for the next 6 days we are going to head off for Lisbon (Cascais) tomorrow. We've provisioned up -taking account of neither of us wanting to eat while being underway, so filled the boat with biscuits, vacuum packed sausages and yogurts!
Colin donned diving gear this morning, having borrowed the bcd and airtank from the dutch boat next door, (and he now wants his own gear!) to venture below inshy and clean off any stubborn barnacles and worm. He's now hoping he doesn't go down with dengue fever from the marina water! That would make the two us suffering, as I have been bitten at least 50 times, to colin's twice, by errant mosquitos since being here. There are signs of battle all over our cabin, as we managed get our own back on a few of the unfortunate blighters. However this was after they'd had their fill! In this respect it will be good to be back at sea, where we are just drenched in cold salty water!
Yet again, we have been pleasantly surprised by how many people have recognised Inshy. The Dutch boat rafted up to us thinks they saw her on the portuguese coast last year, and another british boat was moored in marina rubicon, lanzarote, while we were there. Inshy is a memorable boat!
Our next blog will be sent as we are underway, with daily positions.
Colin and Belinda