Different drink, same bar, 1 year later (& free wifi)

Colin Laidlaw
Sun 24 Jun 2012 20:29
We moved into the marina this moving after a slightly uncomfortable night, but then again no worse than the previous two! The evening was made better by our having a 'front row seat' of some spectacular fireworks celebrating something to do with cap verde. These were being set off from the harbour wall about 100m away. We couldn't quite work out why all of a sudden about 10 yachts came into the small anchorage area, and we started to worry about tangled anchor chains, but worry not they had just come in from other marinas to enjoy the view.
Today was spent getting inshy clean, dry and tidy. Everything has got a coating of salt making it rigid. Colins bush hat has turned into a pith helmet! And once that was done (taking all of about an hour) we busied ourselves in a bar catching up with news and emails - the barman remembered us from our previous brief visit in July last year - probably because we were doing the same thing - using his free wifi while making 1 beer last for 2 hours! Having outstayed our welcome, we retired back to inshy for more beer and a lazy afternoon topping up the tan. Now we're back in the same bar - different drink - to write this and watch the football. Live's hard!