Cabo Finisterre

Colin Laidlaw
Sat 7 Jul 2012 16:56

42:54.617N 009:15.517

Bayona was well worth the visit with its narrow back streets with plenty of bars and restaurants.  We had a very pleasant day yesterday starting with lunch of a plater of locally caught sea food accompanied by a  beer then back to the boat for a snooze and out for more excellent food and local wine.

We left Bayona early this morning heading north. Belinda had a bit of “sailing rage” when a French yacht which couldn’t make up its mind in which direction it was heading, decided to stop 50m directly in front of us. Her language was very fruity.  We have arrived at our anchorage for the night, on the inside of Cabo Finisterre. This is yet another beautiful setting, almost alpine with tree covered hills. We have seen some fantastic places on this trip and we’re only halfway home. Whilst today has been the best in terms of sun for getting on for a week, it has now just started to cloud over and rain is threatening again. Breaking us in gently for home.