Dramatic 24 hours

Humphrey Gale
Tue 2 Apr 2013 11:54
Lat 10: 10 S Long 126: 14 W

2 April 04.30 hours

Dramatic 24 hours with a snapped headsail sheet at 18.45. All hands on deck, just after I had put my head down after my night watch ( third time in as many days I have been called when off watch / sleeping to help Andrew and Sussanne on deck). Andrew managed to put a deep 3 inch cut into his upper left arm with his penknife, lots of blood on deck, left arm now bandaged, in a sling, on pain killers and antibiotics. Sussanne trained as nurse and she also spoke to JIm on another Oyster, Stiana, a retired surgeon, after fixing Andrew's wound, so we are in good hands. However, we only have 2 able bodied persons to handle all deck work, sail changes and cooking, and for the next 24/48 hours Andrew not available for watch duty during the night and only partially during the day because of the drugs and he is not fully capable fo taking the right decisons ( his words not mine) and certainly is not allowed out of the cockpit - he cannot even put on life jacket. Full story to come later when I have the time. Sussane and I have our hands full for the next estimated 7/8 days of this passage.

Situation stable. I am enjoying taking responsibility for all the the sailing decisions