Fishes come in threes , just like London buses!

Humphrey Gale
Sun 13 Jan 2013 06:22
Lat 14.59 N Long 67.54W Sat 12 Jan

Today counted as one of the highlights of the trip so far. Having failed to land 6 fish so far - 3 because the fish bit through the line - remedied by getting stainless steel wire leaders ; 1 because I failed to set the ratchet on the reel, so the line ran out and pinged off the reel and I lost the lure, leader and 500 yards of line - expensive mistake; and the last 2, the hook came out of the mouth within 30 meters of the boat, probably because the boat was not slowed down so the tension on the line was too great. This time it was diiferent and we had 2 on boat duty to slow down the boat and two fish duty to land the fish, one to reel in and the other to help lift it up and land it on the deck (oh dear, a small mishap, Malcolm managed to lose the gaff in the water on the first fish so we are without a gaff till we find one next time we are ashore).

First there was a Wahoo, about 16 lbs, followed by a large mackerel of some sort ( Spanish Mackerel or Kingfish mackerel?) about 10 Lb and after lunch, we caught a Mahi Mahi. We fillet the fish on deck to create 2 or 4 fillets and then chuck everything else back in the sea - avoids gutting the fish, only the deck gets messy but can be washed off with salt water, and only the fresh fillets come below deck. We have the photos of the catches ofcourse but the blog will have to wait till I get to a decent WiFi connection before we can prove the size. However for lunch we had raw Wahoo marinated in lime juice and some fresh chillie strips with a tomato, avocado and onion salsa - only 2 hours earlier it was swimming around in the sea - how fresh is that? For supper, I cooked duo of fish ( Wahoo and "Mackerel") simply cooked in the oven with butter and lemon, broad beans and potatoes

Still plenty fish left for tomorrow, a wahoo tartar for lunch and Mahi Mahi for supper. A good day of fishing and worth the wait