Land Ahoy

Tue 8 Dec 2009 23:51
Well we have spotted something, navigator says its St Lucia but the Skipper says Martinique, Hey Ho who cares we may well have got across. Navigator is expressing some dissatisfaction that it appears to be a very dark night, should we be concerned has he missed a signpost over the past 3100 odd miles.He says it will all become clear when he finds the smaller chart filed somewhere in the skippers quaters.
Before supper the skipper gave us all a pep talk with regards to our Kite handling skills, apparently its a good job we are having to harden up for the final mark, an exercise the older members of the crew may have more difficulty with than just going with their wind.
Our cabin boy master Hagin continues to be a source of great comfort to us all, not only has he prepared excellent meals more often than not he has provided the base ingredient from the end of a piece of line and a bent pin.On despatching tonights supper a beautiful dolfin fish with a heavy winch handle john offered the observation that he would not like to meet messrs Spriggs and Hagon on a dark night. We actually know two ladies who would be delighted to do so but they are other side of pond awaiting this missive. In addition to his cooking young H spends his time tinkering with all things broken and constantly reminds us of the need  not to get to excited on the finish line as someone has to remove the mole grips which are holding the prop shaft steady. Richard has spent most of the day catching up on lost sleep, he seems to think that now he has proven his ability to bake bread after all these years making a living out of it that he can take a step back. John interestingly has insisted on finishing the last of the Bimbo. Either he noticed that Richard did not was his hands before energetically kneading his dough piece or he to is thinking about other things.
The crew of Fenella have recieved many encouraging e mails from their land based followers and some undeserved critisism from one unemployed short hairy gentleman who now has an even bigger yacht to sail on. We would like to thank you all for following our story and we look forward to introducing you to a little tale we have written in the back of Fenellas log about the adventures of Inspector Damp Patch and the missing thong.