Monday 7th December 2009

Mon 7 Dec 2009 21:39
Its nearly all over and we have written about most of the things that have been keeping us amused since we left Las palmas - can it really be over two weeks now. It may prove instructive for those who come after us to examine how the past, and in some case continuing, careers of the crew have impacted on their rally contributions.
John is the only member whose career is intimately connected with the sea but in his case it is a part of the sea that we wish not to visit as he looks in Davy Jones' Lock-up for caches of oil and gas. He can now had hunter to gatherer of the seas as he provided us with a fine wahoo for lunch.
Never ask an accountant to be navigator. They are so intent on getting value for money, Alan boasts of getting more hits for his green fees than most, that other considerations may come second. Thus we have travelled deep into the south on the blossom route getting wonderful views...of the sea, and when we finish with over 3,000nm on the log at least he will be happy that our cost per mile etc etc.
The skipper being an expert on property matters ought to be able to find land if the bean counter fails and he has other skills to contribute particularly those medical. Readers of his earlier blogs will not be surprised to learn that he can read the heads with the ease that medium can read tealeaves in a cup so, naturally, we are still all fit and well.
The Commodore is a Masterbaker, need I say more. Often he can be found kneading his buns in the galley before knocking his stuff back in the hope that it will rise again. So far he has had four buns in the oven and all have turned out well.
Finally Tim who, as the youngest member, does not appear to have started work yet. This no doubt has allowed him time to develop all those skills, maybe learnt in an earlier life as a charter skipper, which have allowed the old farts to sit back when trouble beckons.
Sorry, I almost forgot Fenella without whom..... She came well equipped with so many spares that it has been quite a job to get through them all but we are getting there. She still shows a healthy turn of speed although we passed 40,000nm on the log a few days ago.
So farewell my audience of millions, this is my last blog, I will leave it to the others to wind up tomorrow or Wednesday...all being well.