Sat 5 Dec 2009 12:35
Our on board routines are now well established and it is pleasing to learn that the personal hygiene standards of the crew (Fridays Musings) meet the highest standards expected of the yacht. The rising sun sees these activities enthusiastically embarked upon by all. Breakfast can be anything from the full greasy spoon prepared by Richard or the healthy option of fruit salad or fish from John or Tim. After these basics of life have been dealt with there is some loose discussion about course and tactics for the day and maybe an enthusiasitc 30 minutes of sail trimming,in Johns case it could go on for a full hour, thereafter we easily slip into cruising mood discussing the the better things in life. What is Hutchs pillow a substitute for? Does John assume that particular sleeping position when at home? Whats for lunch and is there enough red wine to get us to St Lucia.
One of the most questioned subjects is why is Commodore Richard so happy to be in the middle of the Atlantic when back home in Lymington his Club will be sitting down to their annual bun fight at their AGM. He simply says it was a no brainer and that tonights AGM will proberbly be the quickest on record as there is no one to have a poke at.
Our days are spent with each following his own personal agenda.
The good skipper and aspiring Prime Minster continues to develop his manifesto and his skills at hide and seek. All the torches have been found, The Ipod lead was where it should be but that was obviously not the place to look. Cloths pegs have become an issue apparently their resting place of the past six years is no longer ideal. There is concern about the wool, no trace has ever been found and rumour has it that John packed it in the in the bag and therefore launched it to the ocean.This did give Richard the opportunity to show that he was awake and he successfully developed the Double Diamond J Cloth Kite Tie.
Alan has much to occupy himself deliberating over our course. It appears that he is best able to do this when either fishing or sleeping. His penetrating wit has been much apprreciated by his fellow crew members and his sharp response to the questionable advice recieved from our backhome Landlubber Support Sir Peter has raised crew moral to heady heights.
Young Tim never ceases to amaze us, not only with his knowledge but also his sheer energy in doing. He is constantly on the go mending, making and providing, if some of the more senior crew members had had his degree of application when they were his age then there is no knowing what might have been.He nearly went a step to far this morning when examining the consistancy of Hutchs bread mix and declared it to sloppy and proceeded to rectify, our resident baker  kept a low profile during these proceedings.
The big highlight of the past 24hrs was Johns determination to watch 3 hrs of the Longest Day in Black and White.  It has been sugested that he has a quick viewing of Ozzys gift to see if its suitable for the rest of the crew.