Monday 30th November

Mon 30 Nov 2009 11:46
This is our 9th day at sea and as you can imagine, fresh produce after this amount of time starts to look a little peaky. This causes a strange phenomenom to occur called " ItwasgoingoffanywaysoIateititus". As the day passes, crew members can be seen wandering around deck with very ripe fruit strapped to their faces, sporting tea shirts well passed any stain-devil redemption, mumbling about how healthy they are going to be as Fenella crosses the finish line in St Lucia. Healthy right up to the first rum punch being handed over the lifelines and after that the direction it will be distinctly downhill.
On the same note, having bought a large, and I do mean very large, bunch of green bananas in Las Palmas, we are now faced with the dilemma of the whole lot ripening at once. A forfeit game has been created so that when the word "speed " is used, the offender has to eat a banana. Unfortunately everybody seems to have cottoned on to this rather quickly and as a result we are making steady progress at 8.5 to 9knots of boat-hamsters in the right direction.
Has anyone got any banana yellow stain-devil?