Life within the Bubble

Fri 4 Dec 2009 14:32
I guess the Tropic birds must think we'er crazy, why would five hairy-arse guys, submit themselves to such purgatory and live in a 45ft rolling container for 17days_ they glide above us in some disbelief and after 12days at sea I'm begining to see their point of view.  Everymorning I wake up amoungst the kiwi fruit ,apples and oranges and curse!, invariably I happen to step on the passion friuit which is located at the end of my bed, the flesh squeezes between my toes as I make my way to the loo, for my "morning george"_its not a good start to the day and it's 5am . The "morning george " is a vital part of crew curriculum and is apart the morning's foreplay before being granted the "life saver" mug of steaming coffee.  From a medical perspective it's important to glimpse at the results and check they';re looking in good shape_if your pee is too yellow ,you've got a problem; too little water or not enough beer!
I've worked out that each crew member has about 350sqft of space, and such contraints make personel space incrediably valuable. Personally ,I've built up a strong relationship with my pillow_it's always there for me and never talks back.-you never know when it might come handy! To survive, you definetely have to hide away accasionally_star gazing in the cockpit is a special treat and always brings me round to the big question_why are we here and is there other life out there?. I am pleased to report that we're all getting on famously and I've been impressed by the level of domestication amoungst the crew -everymorning ,freshly washed "grundies" are hung on the line and personel hygene takes the shape of nailclipping or foot scrubbing on the fordeck. You can get afairly good idea about  the nature of your crew from their choice of grundies, which leads me to my concern that one of our crewmembers, wears slightly perfumed speedos! Actually I have my own issues to deal with_"smell "neuatralises on aboat, and I'm not absolutly sure ,as to whether I smell or not.  I feel it's indignant for the captain to ask his crew for such reassurance-nevertheless we are showering everyother day and my Penhalagin's aftershave keeps the worst at bay.
We've been kite sailing for 48hrs in gentle 12/15 breeze having now sailed for 2225miles withoutseeing another boat, we have 770  miles to go-See you soon ,I'm off back to my pillow. ps the shot of the day, is John watching the Longest Day and me, typing out the email.