4 July

Elemiah's Atlantic Adventure
Ian Cole and Rosemary Bointon
Fri 4 Jul 2008 16:11
We still have lots of jobs to do but we took some time out to go to the square in the centre of town and listen to the 4 July celebrations - just to make Curtis feel that he is not missing out on home. A US air force jazz band was playing jazz in the bandstand.

We all sat round drinking beer and Ian and I actually had a dance!

JPEG image

Ian and Rosemary dancing in the street.

We reluctantly left as we still have to do the shopping, fill up with diesel and do the rest of the tasks to get ready to leave tomorrow morning.

The weather forecast is very good - light winds all the way but in the right direction.

We have decided to aim for Lagos in Portugal. There is an airport there and so we hope that it will be easy to get back to the UK, from where Ian and I can go our various ways - me to Kyiv and Ian to Zagreb.

Rosemary and Ian