30 June

Elemiah's Atlantic Adventure
Ian Cole and Rosemary Bointon
Fri 4 Jul 2008 14:33
Not an especially restful night. Elemiah was rocking and corkscrewing down the waves.

But this morning we all got up to put the angel up - this time we managed to have the tack too high and on the wrong way round and the sheet onto the clew was twisted as well. We brought it down and put it up the right way and once again we were flying - albeit in the wrong direction. We are going too far south and I am concerned that we will get caught in the Azores high which means no wind. After a couple of hours going to the south east, the wind came round more west south west and so we were able to tack the angel and now we are flying along to the north east. It seems very strange with the boat leaning over in the other direction. All Hannah's books fell out of the shelf.

We have under 400 miles to go to Horta in the Azores and so I am starting to look up details of the marina etc. Ian is being more far sighted and looking at places to aim for in Spain or Portugal once we have finished in Horta.

Hannah and I made hummus for lunch. We all sat out in the cockpit eating pitta bread and hummus, cheese and apple. Yum yum.

In the afternoon, Curtis and Hannah watched a warm front forming and march towards us. As it approached, we all rushed out to bring down the angel - just in time, the wind did an instant 40 degree shift to the north west and it rained. Now there is little wind at all and so we are motoring directly towards Horta.

Dinner is in the oven - I'm introducing Curtis and Hannah to the delights of British school dinner cooking in the form of toad in the hole (sausages cooked in the oven in a batter). Apparently in North America, a toad in the hole is a piece of toast with an egg cooked in the middle of it - quite different. Alas - the toad lived up to its name and was a right toad. We discovered in the night that the gas ran out and so I think that explains why it didn't work - the flame in the oven was not hot enough to cook it properly.