Al Shaheen
John & Jenny Franklin
Thu 24 Jul 2014 11:55
N60:27.15 E026:14.25
Leaving Haapasaari at 0600 we motored 30 miles to Loviisa where we spent 3 days in the excellent marina there while we made arrangements for our haul-out on 4 August. Belle Brise were there for 1 night and Spellbound for another. The marina has stern buoys and one moors by the stern with bows in to the dock, which in this case was rather low. Jenny found difficulty in getting over the pulpit and wrenched her arm badly. Next time we will try going in stern first. On our approach using the Swedish hook that we had been given, the hook lock didn't lock and the hook fell off, necessitating a rapid going astern to avoid hitting the dock!

One afternoon we took the ferry to nearby Swartholm a 16th c Swedish fortification but it was expensive, hot and trippery!