Moon Sound to Tallinn

Al Shaheen
John & Jenny Franklin
Fri 27 Jun 2014 08:31
N59:18.49 E024.00
Away from the anchorage at 0445 we motored again northwards against a northerly breeze through a maze of channels between Muhu and the mainland, then across towards Rohukula and into Moon Sound between Vormsi and the mainland. It all required rigid attention to the pilotage but the channels are well marked and we encountered no depth problems.

As we left Moon Sound the wind backed slightly to the NNW then the WNW and we were able to sail again - the first time for a week! We turned along the N coast of the Estonian mainland and entered the sound between Pakri Poolsaar and tow interconnected islands to the west, looking for an anchorage with Spellbound leading. The eastern shore was very industrial with a couple of ports and Soviet style buildings, so we went into a shallow sheltered area just south of Vaike Pakri and anchored with about 1m under the keel. Although the ports on the eats side were visible the immediate surroundings were uninhabited, unspoilt and delightful. We followed Spellbound in and were joined by Tsamaya.

Next morning away again at 0500 we motored with absolutely no wind and a glassy sea 33 miles to Tallinn and made our first docking with a line out to a stern buoy. Fortunately, we had been given a Swedish style mooring hook by our friends Simon and Janet on Simoon lV, which made things easy.