Roomassare northwards through the islands

Al Shaheen
John & Jenny Franklin
Tue 24 Jun 2014 08:08
N58:33.0 E023:33.3
After spending a very cold and windy Midsummer ? in Roomassare and joining with the CA Rally for a bus tour of Saareema island, visiting churches, a metoerite crater and a former Soviet missile site, we pressed on northwards motoring (again) against a northerly breeze for 47 miles to a delightful anchorage just south of Virtsu on the Estonian mainland. The first cove we tried was closed off with a large fishing net right across the bay, which we narrowly avoided. We then tried the next cove eastwards and found shelter from the seas and anchored in 5.5 m in a deserted cove on the chart as "Harami Nina". Later joined by Spellbound and Tsamaya and a German Nordic Folkboat.