Grand Harbour Marina, Vittoriosa, Malta

Vasco da Gama
Ian Strathcarron
Mon 27 Oct 2008 10:02
It's been a month since we arrived at this delightful spot.  The last week has been enlivened by the visit of my sister Hazel, and my parents, Frank and Anne.  Hazel lived on board and Frank and Anne stayed in the old colonial splendour of the Phoenicia Hotel in Valletta.  We spent a merry week clattering around Malta in rickety old 1950's buses, lunching and dining in the interesting places we have found, such as the Royal Malta Yacht Club, housed in a 17th Century fort on Manoel Island, or taking a gondola across the Grand Harbour to Valletta, and walking up hundreds of steps to the Manoel Theatre for a classical music concert.
Vasco has had a complete makeover and we hope all the problems we have experienced en route have been ironed out.  We have a new outboard for the dinghy, and joy of joys a washing machine, which fits very snugly in the space under the stairs to the galley.
We're returning to England next week - me for three months and Ian for a few days.  Before that we are moving Vasco to a dockyard on Manoel Island where she will be hauled out to have her bottom scrubbed.  We will be back on board in February, and are looking at charts of Croatia, the Greek Islands and Turkey, and planning the next phase of our trip.