We're back!

Wed 18 Apr 2018 01:01
One month and several pounds later, here we are! Back in Grand Bahama. Some of you will already know the full story, but for those who don't, here's the abridged version.
Turned out there were no kidney stones afterall (misdiagnosis from the first doctor we saw), just the double hernia. And, after much arguing with the insurance company, we were allowed to travel back to the US for surgery instead of having to go back to the UK and wait 6 months! Surgery went well, and thanks to Richard's cousin we were able to recuperate back in Fernandina in comfort. The down side was a month of relative inactivity while he recovered (he could only manage to shuffle a few yards each day), hampered by our insatiable appetite for all things fried! Fine when you are on the boat and active, not so good when you've got your feet up watching 'Friends' on TV day after day. We were in great shape before the surgery, now we're just appalled! No will power you see. Once we had the all clear from his surgeon, we flew back to Grand Bahama and were reunited with the boat yesterday.
Soooo! Back here in Ocean Reef amongst the retired folk, we get the use of 2 pools and a gym, we are going to hit that tomorrow after we've settled back in....don't want to rush these things. Boat was in good shape when we got back so nothing to do really other than clean. The plan is a couple of weeks here in the marina to make sure Richard is 100%, then head out to the Abacos for a week or so for some 'off the beaten track' cruising before heading back to the boatyard in Georgia for hurricane season.
Will hopefully have more for you by the end of the week, but in the meantime, here's a few gratuitous shots from Fernandina with my lovely new camera. The last shot was some of Richard's handiwork carving a sign for his cousins house, not bad for a sick man with a Stanley knife!