25:42.38N 79:17.57W Bimini Sands

Thu 1 Mar 2018 17:06
At last, the Bahamas! Woo Hoo! Finally got to see some of the stunning turquoise blue water that these islands are famous for. Took the easy option of a marina for the first night as it made checking in to the Bahamas easier, they provided you with a taxi to the airport where you formerly had to check in and do all your paperwork. Nice marina, all the facilities but still not quite the Bahamas where we wanted to be. Stayed one night then headed out the next day to find a nice anchorage off south island.
Our German neighbour, Didi, on the boat behind me provided us with more coconuts than we could shake a stick at! We even woke up the next morning to find more had been left next to our boat, we liberated these at sea a few days later. They're great but bloody heavy and take up too much space.