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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
May 2018
Fri 04 May 18:39 28:31.418N 80:45.158W Indian River City 28:31.42N 80:45.16W
Thu 03 May 17:49 28:03.793N 80:34.231W Melbourne Beach 28:03.79N 80:34.23W
Tue 01 May 13:52 27:06.899N 80:08.620W Peck Lake 27:06.90N 80:08.62W
Apr 2018
Mon 30 Apr 21:54 26:44.204N 80:02.829W Not quite the Abacos... 26:44.20N 80:02.83W
Wed 18 Apr 01:01 We're back!
Mar 2018
Thu 15 Mar 18:31 26:31.078N 78:37.868W O'Keirnan's Law strikes Grand Bahama 26:31.08N 78:37.87W
Tue 06 Mar 17:07 26:31.078N 78:37.868W Grand Bahama 26:31.08N 78:37.87W
Fri 02 Mar 17:06 25:41.27N 79:17.53W Nixons Bay 25:41.27N 79:17.53W
Thu 01 Mar 17:06 25:42.38N 79:17.57W Bimini Sands 25:42.38N 79:17.57W
Thu 01 Mar 17:06 25:40.282N 79:43.815W The Gulf Stream 25:40.28N 79:43.81W
Feb 2018
Tue 27 Feb 17:05 25:40.24N 80:09.56W No Name Bay 25:40.24N 80:09.56W
Mon 26 Feb 17:05 25:46.14N 80:09.56W Miami Beach 25:46.14N 80:09.56W
Sun 25 Feb 17:05 26:13.369N 80:05.844W Boca! 26:13.37N 80:05.84W
Sat 24 Feb 17:04 27:06.762N 80:08.584W Hove Sound 27:06.76N 80:08.58W
Fri 23 Feb 17:04 27:45.577N 80:24.922W Indian River Shores 27:45.58N 80:24.92W
Thu 22 Feb 17:02 29:03.755N 80:55.061W New Symrna Beach 29:03.75N 80:55.06W
Tue 20 Feb 16:58 29:53.13N 81:17.02W St Augustine 29:53.13N 81:17.02W
Mon 19 Feb 01:17 30:44.36N 81:31.31W The Keystone Cops St Mary's style 30:44.67N 81:31.48W