25:46.14N 80:09.56W Miami Beach

Mon 26 Feb 2018 17:05
Final leg of our journey down the coast of Florida. As Ric and Monica kept saying, "are we there yet", very nearly, and about bloody time! If you drive from St Mary's Georgia to Miami it only takes about 10 hours, so far it had taken us about a week! Had we have had better weather conditions we could've done it in about 3-4 days but them's the breaks.
We headed out of the ICW at Fort Lauderdale and headed down to Miami Beach along the coast. Saw our first shark here, a good 10 footer! Arrived at Miami Beach Marina to refuel and do a little food shopping before we headed over to the Bahamas. If Boca was hectic, it was nothing compared to this place. We were a very small fish in a big pond surrounded by monster fish! Had one very near miss with an impatient motor launch, almost took out the back of our boat. Richard needed several cigarettes before he could even talk again (not good practice when you are tied to a fuel dock). The guy at the dock just laughed and said "welcome to Miami!"
So this is Miami Beach Marina. This picture is a bit of a 'where's waldo' picture, can you spot our boat?
Left Miami at sunset which was really pretty against the skyline and headed for Biscayne Bay where we were going to anchor for the next 2 nights and then head over to Bimini.