Day 5 - Azores to Gibraltar

Last Leg
Sat 4 Jul 2015 19:30
Position 37:00.0N 010:40.0W 1920 GMT
Speed 6-7 knots. Course 110 deg Magnetic.
253 Miles to go to Gibraltar. 744 Miles gone so far.

The wind eased yesterday afternoon and we were sailing slowly at around 4 knots till sunrise. Then the wind went on holiday so we reluctantly started the motor. The seas became very calm and smooth and the sun shone all day, which is one pleasant thing when we motor. Since it was so calm, for lunch, we fired up the BBQ and had good quality Azorian beef and bacon. Sorry any vegetarians out there! The wind has now returned in force and it is blowing 20 knots from the North. I've just had to deal with a homing pigeon landing on Topaz. It has tags on both his feet. I tried feeding him but it was not interested. What is a pigeon doing 150km from land? All good onboard.

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