45.54.03n 14.23.40w

Sat 29 Jul 2017 07:08
hi all
we made our left turn (port) at 11pm last night our next waypoint is now Scilly isles
making good speed 6.5-7kn with both sails fully up in what is called goose wing configuration, this means we have the mainsail right out on one side of the boat, and the genoa right out on the other supported by a long pole
i am on watch with Wal, deal is i go on watch with him, but they dress him and get him ready.
Wal likes his down time, average 12-16 hours a day asleep in his bunk. The lads keep an eye on him with hourly checks, on one occasion Pete went down to the cabin, no Wal!!!
bit of a panic set off but we could not figure how he could of got off the boat without going past us. Where is Wal?
We turned the music down and could then hear a muffled imm nnnnere,  imm nnere, Pete went back down to pinpoint where the noise was coming from, just as i was looking across the deck to see a small hand waving up near the bow out of a hatch, then it clicked.
Wal had locked himself in the heads (loo)
It took a while to describe how to unlock the door, Wal has an auto response to any instruction, “ yes yes yes” this is uttered whether he has heard you or not.
Now Wal, likes believe he is a real sea dog so when these thing happen (hourly) he works hard at making the incident appear as part of his routine checks, or in this case insists he did not lock himself in at all, it must be a faulty catch.
Last night he called down “light on the starboard quarter” this may indicate another vessel close and we are duty bound to excercise anti collision regs.
We all nip to have a look, 3 of us peering out over the starboard quarter, right hand back of boat, nothing.. out of the corner of my eye i see Wall facing the other direction with his arm outstretched and index finger extended, “Wal, i thought the quarter was the rear part of the boat” quick as a flash Wal responds.  “yes yes yes i know, i was checking for any others at thont (bow)” 
We are looking to start a classifieds section in this update site. so if you have any items to put on offer let me know.
Currently we have a Jaguar F type, white with sun roof, one owner very low mileage, only been to church and back.
Reasonable offers will be considered or possible part exchange for a sailing boat.
contact Peter or in his current absence Rachel,
current ETA Salcombe from the chart plotter (“machine” in Wal world)  2nd August