45. 19. 41N 19.54.95W

Thu 27 Jul 2017 18:19
Good days sailing,
Now heading due west to stay south of a high pressure area with no wind, according to current forecast we will hold this course for 2 days bringing us towards biscay, we should then be able to turn towards the UK, it may then be possible to start picking us up on marine traffic.
More laughs today, along with the crew rigging the pole without me, under Petes instruction. Very pleased to say Wal plays his part perfectly, not a knot, or an accident.
We are managing to get Wal more involved, he is always desperate to play his part.
After 4 days training Wal can now operate the kettle gas ring, (more to come on this one), his enthusisam is boundless so we now average 15 cups of tea per day, not ideal for the water shortage but we let it ride. On that topic tomorrow is shower day.
Even if i say so myself, i came up with a master stroke during Wal and my watch last night, you may remember the rules about Wal and the helm, (only when it is on auto pilot) he loves sitting there chatting about his nautical adventures. having now heard them a few times i decided to get him more involved in our current trip, so i asked him to keep an eye on the compass. He got stuck in straight away.
bearing 52 Andrew
Bearing 52 Andrew
Bearing seems steady at 52 Andrew
Oh Bearing 53 Andrew
OK Bearing back to 52 and holding Andrew.        Unfortunately we run a 3 hour watch,  1 hour in i started to regret my devious decision.
The first of you to to twig what i have done wins a free drink of your choice when we arrive     
to come
Wal and the cooker
Where is Wal?
Wal talks nautical.