tantrum 44.35.57n 21.29.49w

Thu 27 Jul 2017 04:41
hi all from now i will only put up info to the blog, so check it daily dont panic if we go dark it will be the fkn sat phone playing up
a good day yesterday real laff thanks to Wal who is entertainments officer
As i came up the companion way in the morning i saw Wals hat fly off, it landed in the dingy, which is on davits on the back of the boat, with unusual nimble reaction Wal followed it, he was sitting at the helm, with as directed his hands in his pockets, and dived over the guard rail  into the dingy, still hands in pockets. {due to previous accidents, Wal is only allowed at the helm when auto is on and he keeps hands in pockets}
as ever the man now know as community care worker, Mark; managed to grab wals coat before the dingy tipped and deposited him in the atlantic
I changed the watch rota just to give the said community worker a break, and instead of sharing watch with Pete, i volunteered, to go with Wal and put Mark with Pete.
All good
My watch came on at 11pm last night, at least i did; once we finally woke Wall who had slept well since lunch time, with ear plugs and blindfold on; we all retired on deck for a coffee, leaving Wal to get ready.
Sometime later Wal appears with his life jacket in his arms, before i could say “put it on before you come on deck” Mark puts his hand up and says “leave it to me”, at which time Wal dutifully sits opposite Mark with his life jacket held out before him.
The next 20 mins where the funniest of my life, i am sure Pete can say the same.
Mark un beknown to us has been dressing Wal each Watch,
Wal obviously embarrassed to have been outed, about his inability to master the lifejacket keeps trying to complete the manouvre without Marks help, we were crying with laughter, hopefully Pete has some images.   Wal completley ties himself up to the point where he is unable walk due to knots in the straps around his legs, the bulk of the jacket is sideway on his head, tilting his glasses 45 degs, this went on for a good 20 mins. Finally Mark calms him down and outs it straight.
its now 05:30
we are in yet another wind hole and under motor.. when this msg goes i hope to have anew wind forecast in my inbox, meantime all is tiptop, Pete is feeding us well and getting well into the ocean sailing groove, good crew member for trips out of Dartmouth.
Mark is rock solid, like a machine, cleaning, housekeeping, soux chef, knows all the ropes; just like a community care officer should.
Wal is one of the nicest guys i have met, and ceaselessly keeps us entertained.