45.25.70N 17.36.11W

Fri 28 Jul 2017 08:30
Morning Tantrum followers
only a few hours since my last entry, so not much happend
But i have sat down to download the weather and decided to say hello.
Good winds, which make it a bit bumpy, also the temp has dropped, so heating on.
Mark and Pete now really into the groove, i stayed on deck 5pm-5am; as conditions were new to the lads, Wal got a bit angry when they went to wake him for his watch, even though they had already  covered him for half an hour, to allow him an extra half hour, in bed it is obvious he is very, very scared at the moment and is reluctant to go on deck, the sea should settle down by tomorrow morning,
I am sure its Wals first time at sea, (as in more than  miles offshore), i am also sure it will be his last, some like it others dont.
Pete who is also a novice wont stay in his bunk more than 15 mins he is loving it.
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if you put the name of the crew member you are mailing in the subject box i can get them to the lappy without having to open it.
oops   dynamo Pete is washing up and all the clean dried just landed on  my lap, gotta say ocean sailing can be a pain in the arse sometimes, good news is we are 7knts plus with fully reefed main and no genoa.
if all goes to plan the next change in direction will be a bearing for Salcombe.
I reckon we may pop up on marine traffic in 24-36 hours.
“lets do this thing”   cmon   yeehar just hit 9.4 knots