Freddie's 40th birthday

Ulf & Christina Blencke
Tue 4 Sep 2012 07:02
Hi Ulf & Christina, 

I hope all is well with you both and you are enjoying some beautiful sunshine. How exciting to be in Komodo - pretty serious wilderness on those islands!

I was so excited to hear that you are going to be here for Freddie's 40th lunch - I have booked Chiswick restaurant on Saturday 1st December in Woollahra (that's the surprise bit so don't tell him!) and have sent a save the date (attached). Also, congratulations on another Blencke being engaged and can't wait for Katie & Christian to get home to celebrate with them. 

Just thought I would keep you in the loop - all is going well with the wedding plans, dress for me and bridesmaids organised, mum is making the flower girl dresses as I write and I think you know what you will be wearing Ulf (it looks VERY smart!). I did want to ask though, Christina would you like a corsage/flower brooch thing on the day? Happy to organise if you would like one. 

I think Freddie told you about Christmas eve plans at Woollahra which I am really excited about and we will chat further once you are here to organise some Swedish goodies as well, I think Serena (the caterer) was going to do gravalax or poached salmon but I would love to know what is traditional Swedish Christmas food so we can work it into the menu - and also you can bring some yummy things too. 

Anyway look forward to seeing you very soon and hope all is well. 

xx Diana

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