Finaly Boatlagoon bye bye

Ulf & Christina Blencke
Sat 20 Aug 2011 22:23
Yesterday did we lift Roxy over lunchtime to wash of the mud we been sitting in at BL and also a check of bottom and propeller. At one we splashed in the water again and left our new friends Birgitta and Bertil from Blues waving us off, we have had a very nice time together the last 10 days. When we cleared the channel was it time to try all the new gear, we calibrated the autopilot, was amazed with the new broadband radar picking up smallest rowing boat, started the new water maker and produced 60 l/hr. We are now anchored of a small island at 08:06:548N 098:24:085E. and started the generator and have the AC going a luxury we will not have every day but we want to use it some working hrs until Monday when we will go into Ao Poa marina for the final adjustments. If we stayed in BL the tide had kept us there for another 6 days. Tomorrow will be another interesting day when we will try our new sails.