One 15 Marina Singapore 1:14.540N 103:50.408E

Ulf & Christina Blencke
Mon 29 Aug 2011 13:20
We arrived last night to Singapore after two and a half days sail from Langkawi. We had some good wind some motoring and Malacca straits was as usual hard work with north going current and the tide always feels like against you. Because you cant fall of some degrees and sail full because of the traffic separation scheme we had to motor sail the whole distance, but the new Autoprop propeller lived up to its claim and definitely gives more speed motor sailing.
The One fifteen marinas is definitely the most posh and grand marina so far. Singapore is unbelievable with all its reclaim of land and the buildings are fantastic. As true Swedes have we been to IKEA today and bought a lot of herring, caviar and hard bread.