Solomon Island 08:06.857S 156:52.828E

Ulf & Christina Blencke
Mon 17 Oct 2011 03:39

Due to technical problems have we not been able to send any blogg message, but now everything seems to work.
We had a good sail from Philippines to Hermit Island 10 days, but was devastated 2 days before HI when we got the news that our dear grandson Harry 3 years had died in an accident. Luckily the satellite phone worked and we could talk to Fredrik a lot and try to give him comfort. We had no possibility to go down to Sydney for the funeral for at least a month and we felt it was important for everyone to have closure and not delay the funeral. When we arrive in Sydney will we a small family service.
We are now in Solomons after a week in Hermit island and then 6 days sail (mostly motoring)