Day 8

Malcolm McPherson / Rich Butterworth
Sun 5 Jun 2011 18:42
Position 30:26:3N 053:12:6W
Heading ENE
Dawn of day 8 at sea and as the blanket of stars faded with the rising sun the wind finally started to increase and veer to the South allowing us to have a long awaited break from the sound of the engine rumbling away and set a course towards the Azores.
It didn't last very long 10 hours later and the donkey is once again at work as the breeze has fallen.
James continues with the fishing efforts undeterred by losing another lure yesterday, I'm sure that the fish are keeping them as jewellery.
Our progress Northwards has been marked by a couple of changes. Longer days and the vast fields of Sargasso weed have cleared to leave armadas of Portuguese men of war sailing towards the East with us.
The skies have continued clear which has helped James with celestial nav work although some shortcomings in the arithmetic haven't helped with the final results so far but he has assured me that we are in the Northern hemisphere.
Thanks to the people who have sent emails to the crew, it's always good to get messages from friends and family while we're out here.