Two weeks

Malcolm McPherson / Rich Butterworth
Sun 12 Jun 2011 20:04
36:49:7N 037:30:2W
We are getting tantilisingly close to the Azores now, reading about 420 nm to Horta.  Over that past couple of days there has been little wind and had been trundling along at a little under 5 knots.  However, we are currently goosewinged, bombing along at 7-8 knots, which has lifted spirits.  I finally managed to catch something on the fishing line but it broke. So it must have been at least 200lbs, probably more.
Other than that, we are all looking forward to drinking the island dry of gin.  Hopefully the next blog entry will be from Horta and we will all make a concerted effort to make sure it is typed before the pub.