36:19.12N 11:41.56W

Thu 26 May 2011 09:36

We are approx.160nm SW of Portugal.  The weather gods were not so kind to us and a very large low pressure developed on our route – unawares the weather routing service advised us that Saturday was a perfect time to leave Sao Miguel for Portugal – which with hindsight, it was not.. We ended up with 25kn ENE and heavy seas against us forcing us further south than we had liked.  We all got very wet during the crossing, not from rain, but from the seas constantly washing over the boat. However, on the plus side – it is warm. We have now dried out and the wind has died down and life is back to “normal”, if it ever can be normal embarking on this type of adventure.

We are all looking forward to a long shower (fresh water) – we have this facility onboard, but as it has been virtually impossible to stand up – let alone have a shower – it will wait till we get into harbour.  We are all most likely rather pongy from living in our long johns day and night and consuming loads of garlic.  We all enjoy garlic and we have used plenty in the food. That’s the beauty of us being in the same boat; no one notices or no one complains.

Steak and chips with a nice glass of red wine sitting at a table where the plates, cutlery and glass will stay in one place will also make a nice change. 

We are all well.