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Solo but not Alone: Stories from Siberia, Beyond the Saddle

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2012
Sat 29 Sep 15:11 Alone on the Big River, in the volcano-dominated Siberian Wilderness. As close to being at one with Nature as it gets...
Aug 2012
Wed 29 Aug 04:34 10. The final challenge: The journey back to Petropavlask Kamchatka. 51:30.06N 156:33.77E
Mon 27 Aug 04:33 9. Lake Kurilskoye: Four days of 'just bears', Paradise! 51:28.94N 157:03.40E
Fri 24 Aug 04:32 8. Lake Kurilskoye: getting there is not as easy as it sounded! 51:28.94N 157:02.28E
Thu 23 Aug 23:31 (no subject) 51:30.68N 156:54.24E
Thu 23 Aug 05:30 7. Made it an rewarded with sleeping on a boat! 51:30.06N 156:31.63E
Wed 22 Aug 05:28 6. Another mainly alone, tough day, and a forced river crossing and a burglar is 'electrocuted'...... 51:39.68N 156:30.26E
Tue 21 Aug 05:27 5. Two bear encounters, real tough day, finally across the river mouth... 51:55.78N 156:29.39E
Mon 20 Aug 05:26 4. The Sea of Oshotsk: It all feels so different, the REAL adventure begins, so many experiences in one day! 52:18.16N 156:25.16E
Sun 19 Aug 23:24 (no subject) 52:47.50N 156:11.10E
Sat 18 Aug 23:23 3. Hmmm, a very late start, short ride to Ust Bolshersk, and another Salmon, eye opener.... 52:49.36N 156:17.30E
Sat 18 Aug 06:22 2. First bears, lots of salmon, and a huge party 52:55.41N 156:35.90E
Fri 17 Aug 21:21 (no subject) 53:11.00N 157:27.50E
Fri 17 Aug 04:18 1. Time to leave Petropavlosk Kamchatka again. Destination this time: The Sea of Oskotsk and then the crown jewel, Kurilskoye Lake. 53:08.50N 157:40.00E
Thu 16 Aug 19:17 (no subject) 52:58.20N 158:42.50E
Tue 07 Aug 06:14 19. Ust Kamchatsk: The end of the first Kamchaka Adventure.. 56:14.38N 162:32.37E
Mon 06 Aug 06:12 18. It's hard to be REALLY alone these days, and the scariest bear day yet...! 56:14.38N 162:32.37E
Sun 05 Aug 06:11 17. Great cycling, great countryside, freedom...This is what it's al about! 56:25.57N 161:18.40E
Sat 04 Aug 03:59 16. Klyuchi, the once forbidden town, delivers 'exotic' variety! 56:19.19N 160:50.40E
Fri 03 Aug 10:09 15. Another adventure trying to take Natures road to Kluchi, rather than Man's shortcut! 56:12.20N 160:53.40E
Fri 03 Aug 03:58 14. New Horizons: Eventually time to leave Esso for Kozyresvsk. 55:55.40N 159:40.72E
Thu 02 Aug 22:57 (no subject) 55:51.70N 159:28.61E
Jul 2012
Tue 31 Jul 06:54 13. Bystrinsky Park: day 4: 55:50.38N 158:34.37E
Mon 30 Jul 06:53 12. Bystrinsky Park: Day 3: 55:38.00N 158:30.37E
Sun 29 Jul 06:52 11. Bystrinsky Park: Day 2 55:40.57N 158:19.76E
Sat 28 Jul 06:51 10. Bystrinsky Park: Day 1 55:43.56N 158:19.75E
Fri 27 Jul 06:49 9. My first days based in the 'Tourist capital': Esso 55:46.70N 158:26.57E
Thu 26 Jul 06:46 8. What a final day getting to Esso...! 55:46.70N 158:25.57E
Wed 25 Jul 22:45 (no subject) 55:51.37N 159:28.61E
Wed 25 Jul 06:44 7. Another great day...Esso is one day away! 55:50.33N 159:26.97E
Wed 25 Jul 03:42 (no subject) 55:35.50N 159:28.00E
Wed 25 Jul 02:41 The village of Anasova 55:38.50N 159:33.97E
Wed 25 Jul 01:40 (no subject) 55:35.50N 159:27.97E
Tue 24 Jul 21:39 (no subject) 55:21.00N 159:13.65E
Tue 24 Jul 07:38 6. A stimulating rest day at the Big River, lots happening.... 55:19.89N 159:21.90E
Mon 23 Jul 07:36 5. A long, solo cycling day...97km reward: Sunset on Kamchatka Rriver 55:19.89N 159:19.60E
Mon 23 Jul 05:35 (no subject) 55:20.50N 159:13.65E
Sun 22 Jul 06:30 4. Asphalt road surprise lifts my spirits into Milkovo 56:41.50N 158:36.70E
Sat 21 Jul 22:29 1st Crossing of Kamchatka River 54:37.45N 158:27.80E
Sat 21 Jul 03:27 3. It couldn't stay that good..Tough realities of unpaved road! 54:01.47N 157:51.00E
Fri 20 Jul 21:26 (no subject) 53:20.40N 157:29.08E
Fri 20 Jul 04:20 2. First night out...This is luxury: Hot baths and entertainment! Oops...Bear warning too! 53:19.74N 157:33.10E
Fri 20 Jul 03:23 (no subject) 53:19.74N 157:29.08E
Thu 19 Jul 23:18 (no subject) 53:12.30N 157:28.40E
Thu 19 Jul 10:57 Dealing with uncertainty and change...Bouncing back, an interesting few days! 53:09.19N 158:22.50E
Fri 13 Jul 23:33 Aborting: I never expected it to be this short! 62:00.19N 129:58.74E
Thu 12 Jul 03:28 About to leave, strange emotions....Hmmm! 62:06.47N 129:48.70E
Wed 11 Jul 20:42 From Yakutsk.... 62:01.94N 129:44.54E
Sun 08 Jul 05:16 All about 'The Road of Bones'...Kolmya Highway 62:02.00N 129:43.00E