Mon 9 Jun 2008 15:43
36:41.7N 2:48.85W
We got here, eventually at 2130. 15 hours for what should have been 11.
We had a hard time getting off the reception pontoon, with 25k of wind
beem on pinning us. All a learning experience, I suppose. So far the
only damage is to dignity, with the gelcoat still intact. We will
probably have to sit it out here till Wednesday before the wind is
favourable. It's a huge marina, but well run and very nice. I have found
three Rhodesians running a stainless steel fabrication business, and we
will use the time to have brakets made for the stern and bow for a
passerelle. Although Andrea walks it as though she was on a tightrope
over Niagara! Maybe she'll get the hang of it eventually. It's game over
if she falls in though.