Sat 28 Jun 2008 19:00

35:46.79N 10:49.95E


We are back in UK now and I have the time to upload some pictures which I just didn’t get round to doing either because the satellite link was too slow, the internet café was too ramshackle, or because I simply couldn’t get off my arse!


The only gay in the village!  Diving in mid ocean somewhere north of Algiers to clear the prop.  I was not comfortable!


Somewhere off Spain, I think.



Following seas and a good breeze – a day out from Cartagena



Off watch



Sunset off Algeria







Flamingos off the north coast of Tunisia, near Fratelli





Les Fratelli, creepy enough in daylight, so I am glad we didn’t reach here in the dark – two big rocks, one small and a reef - all unlit



Downwind on a flat sea at last!




Djamur el Kabir, just west of Cap Bon before we turned south





Kelibia, our last anchorage before reaching Monastir






Monastir, at last