37:36.58N 04:47.65E

Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:19

Weve had wind and seas dead on the nose for our track to Bizerte for two days now.  We’ve been motoring into it, but making only 2.5k, with the occassional wave stopping us dead.  We can’t go on like that for ever, even if we could stand the engine noise we don’t have the diesel.  We are now sailing as close as we can, but the leeway is giving us a track of 020, so not good for either Bizerte or Cagliari.  We go like this for half a day and tack towards Bizerte, although I expect we will have to tack again twice.  The silence is bliss and we’re making 5k, so it’ll take no longer.  If the forecast is right, the wind will back and help us.