Cartagena 37:35.81N 00:58.69W

Sun 15 Jun 2008 11:09

We reached Cartagena yesterday after a nice afternoon’s sail.  Nice new marina (unfinished) right next to the old town.  We are moored next to what must be the biggest private boat in the world: 400ft long belonging to the fellow who runs Oracle.  We are the little tub on the left.



The anchorage which looked so nice when we arrived turned into a nightmare in the middle of the night, with a swell rolling us side to side about 40 degrees!  The rolling itself wasn’t the propblem, it was the racket made by everything sliding about in the galley cupboards. 

Before the rolling set in!


We stopped at Aguilas the next night.  The harbour was too small and full anyway, so we anchored in the bay outside.  Nice calm night this time.






The wind forecasts for the next 5 days look pretty good for a shot at Bizerte, north of Tunis, so we will set off tomorrow morning, with an estimated time of 4 days and 12 hours.