Shakwe Update No 9 Horta to Belfast

Wed 5 Sep 2012 12:00
As at 1200 hours UTC  5 September
Position: N49 30 01  W015 40 28                                    Distance run over 24 hours: 88 NM but in the wrong direction!!!
Spent the night reaching north west by west trying not to get too far away from our first waypoint. The north east wind too strong to fight and our engine leak and low fuel made us go under jib and mizzen whilst being rolled horribly as usual. We're trying to get across a forecasted fast moving west to east high pressure which should move across S Ireland and then S England. It's costing us at least two days and tonight I had hoped to see the lights of Ireland but it now looks like Friday. Boo hoo! We will probably need to re-fuel in Ireland and if anyone knows of a fuel berth with good clear access/egress/turning circle as Shakwe is about 18 metres with no bow thruster and doesn't go astern in any particular direction, please let me know ASP. Use   shakwe {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com with no pictures please.
Oul Grumpy Jim and fed up Jim