Shakwe Update No 5 Horta to Belfast

Sat 1 Sep 2012 12:08
As at 1200 hours UTC position:   N45 58 44        W021 38 62                                          Distance run over 24 hrs:117  NM
Another hard 24 hours. Initially the sailing on only mizzen and 2 headsails was good but when the speed got up to 7 and a half KN we furled the jib. Realising that the grib forecast was understated and that we hadn't needed to go so far out of our way, I decided to get closer to the high for lighter winds and less waves. Shakwe does NOT DO running.  She rolls like a pig making an awful din below and trashing everything|! We've had an awful night and the prospect of several days of this is appalling but it has to be.
Oul Grumpy Jim and Not so Happy Jim