Shakwe Update No 7 Horta to Belfast

Mon 3 Sep 2012 12:01
As at 1200 hours UTC  3 September
Position: N47 50 87   W017 00 38                                    Distance run over 24 hours: 132 NM
Motored last 24 hours with light tailwind so low revs giving reasonable boatspeed. Fuel might be a problem but enough to get to an Irish port. Shakwe is an awkward boat to manouvre in enclosed spaces so I'd rather not have to re-fuel there.    
Jim doing good work but not happy about the long distances and continuous stress of the unknown. This might be his last big trip.
Stern gland leak no worse but I've got Steve Ferris' excellent Denzil tape handy!
Oul Grumpy Jim and Happy ish Jim